As the results make us reflect upon the completion of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one it is a good opportunity to reflect on the opportunities a new school year brings.

As many of the Twitterati are attempting to use the platform less, I’m finding on the whole a productive way to gain some time towards CPD and think about how my practice might improve through the ideas of others.

To boost the prospects students that need extra support, or perhaps need to be stretched further differentiation regularly crosses my mind. As a result, the products published by StudeApps will focus on providing differentiated lesson plans and resources to assist teachers in providing the best quality lessons possible. 

As we begin to update our App portfolio for 2019-2020, accessibility will become a focus for the same reasons. The New Computing GCSE App has a host of great content for students, and we will work to provide a great experience for all who use the platform.

Not to forget, I hope all of your students have had a successful set of results!

Onwards and upwards!